AND Agency works with brands to connect, engage and grow their business through our team of consultants, also known as our Brands Council. We also host quarterly pop-up stores that showcase emerging independent brands that put design, quality and sustainability at the forefront of their ethos.



BRANDS Council

Our Brands Council are passionate about working closely with businesses across all industries to create a clear brand strategy, strong digital presence and improve product development. We offer outlined packages that streamline the process by clearly focusing on our client’s most critical issues and potential opportunities: sustainability strategy, marketing, product technology, social media and supply chain management. Our Brands Council come from all backgrounds and expertise such as fashion design, product technology, marketing/pr, advertising and factory sourcing. We bring functional expertise through our dedicated team that have worked for some of Britain’s biggest private, public and charity sectors as well as running successful businesses.


We work closely with businesses to organise events such as influencer events, PR product launches, workshops and classes. Brands will give us a brief of the type of event they wish to host with a budget and leave the rest to us. If a brand is unsure of costs or their budget, we offer a free budget outline for the type of event they wish to host. For influencer events, we would be able to offer a selection of carefully picked influencers and bloggers to work with for specific brand campaigns.

AND Agency also hosts networking events throughout the year that are great to meet like minded businesses, retail buyers and industry professionals. Tickets are events can be found on our website when available.



We select brands to feature at our pop-up stores that put design, quality and sustainability at the forefront of their ethos. Our pop-up stores are held quarterly and feature a wide range of products from clothing and jewellery to homewares and art. We feature brands from each category to make sure there is something for every style and budget for our store customers. Our store staff are trained in each brand and product within the store to give customers the best experience and knowledge as possible. Each store is carefully curated to fit the aesthetic of the neighbourhood and the customer base in that area to optimise each brand’s exposure during the pop-up. Brands get to grow their customer base and get their amazing products seen by thousands of people. We also connect brands to industry professionals and host evening events for networking.

Next Pop-Up

AND Agency will be showcasing brands at the next curated pop-up: Conscious Christmas. The store will be focusing on buying from ethical and sustainable brands this Christmas and supporting emerging designers and artists. It will be running from November 23rd - December 7th on Lamb’s Conduit Street in Central London. Some of the brands are W + W Workshop, Triptyc London, Aff & Jam and RLI London. If you would like to have your product’s featured with us, please send us an email detailed with product descriptions and brand bio to

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2 Charlotte Road, Shoreditch - November ‘18

2 Blenheim Crescent, Notting Hill - March ‘19

2 Blenheim Crescent, Notting Hill - July ‘19

Interested in growing your brand?



If you would like to set up a free consultation with our Brands Council please complete the application form below. If you would like to showcase your products at our next pop-up, please send us an email to We will try to get back within 48 hours to all enquires and applications.