Brands council

AND Agency’s Brand Council is a team of carefully picked individuals that solve complex brand and business problems more efficiently, forge meaningful connections within the industry and deliver engaging brand experiences for both customers and retailers.

Our Brands Council are passionate about working closely with businesses across all industries to create a clear brand strategy, strong digital presence and improve product development. We offer outlined packages that streamline the process by clearly focusing on our client’s most critical issues and potential opportunities: sustainability strategy, marketing, product technology, social media and supply chain management. Our Brands Council come from all backgrounds and expertise such as fashion design, product technology, marketing/pr, advertising and factory sourcing. We bring functional expertise through our dedicated team that have worked for some of Britain’s biggest private, public and charity sectors as well as running successful businesses. We will deliver a straight forward programme so our clients can see a direct impact on their business and brand presence. We combine strategic and creative thinking to ensure our client’s needs are exceeded in all aspects of growing the business

Our Brand Council specialises in the following:

  • Brand strategy & positioning

  • Brand creation & implementation

  • Supply chain management & product sourcing

  • Factory sourcing

  • Digital brand presence and positioning

  • Influencer collaboration and influencer marketing

  • Packaging design

  • Web design

  • Sustainability strategy

  • Product development, innovation & design

  • Social media strategy & Content Creation

initial Consultation

Tell us what you need and we will partner you with one of our consultants. Our purpose is to help you achieve your commercial objectives through our straight forward consulting process. Please email us on to book your initial consultation.