AND Agency is a community helping to grow independent brands by curating pop-up stores and through our team of consultants. Our stores feature brands that put design, quality and sustainability at the forefront of their ethos.



BRANDS Council

As part of our Brands Council, we consult brands on areas they wish to grow and improve. We offer outlined packages that streamline the process by clearly focusing on clients' most critical issues and opportunities: sustainability strategy, marketing, product technology, social media and supply chain management across all industries. We bring functional expertise through our dedicated team that have worked in private and public sector as well as running successful businesses.


All our events and pop-ups are held in carefully chosen for their high footfall and highly regarded area. Each store is carefully curated to fit the aesthetic of the neighbourhood and the customer base in that area to optimise each brand’s exposure during the pop-up. Brands get to grow their customer base and get their amazing products seen by thousands of people. We connect brands to industry professionals and host evening events for networking.


Concept Store

We select brands to feature at our concept stores that put design, quality and sustainability at the forefront of their ethos. Our pop-up concept stores feature a wide range of products from clothing and kids wear to homewares and jewellery. We feature brands for each category to make sure there is something for every style. Our store staff knows each brand and product within the store to give customers the best experience and knowledge as possible.

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2 Charlotte Road, Shoreditch - November -18

2 Blenheim Crescent, Notting Hill - March ‘19

2 Blenheim Crescent, Notting Hill - July ‘19

Interested in growing your brand?



Feel free to send us an email with any questions to If you want to apply for a free consultation or to be featured in our upcoming pop-up, please fill out our application form via the link below.

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